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Four Valentine Hats You Will LOVE!

January 30, 2018
Stripes and Hearts, Valentine Hats you'll love

Valentine’s theme hats are so fun! Today I’m sharing with you, Four Valentine Hats You Will Love!

There are SO many fun Valentine Hat patterns available! I’ll show you more at the end of the post, but to start with…. I’d like to share with you 4 patterns that I have personally made and donated to my cancer center.

The first two hats are done by carrying the yarn through the project which makes for a very thick, warm hat!


When I saw Nicole Riley’s Swirly Heart Hat, I was intrigued that it looked so much like Knitting! Making this hat lead me to learning all about the Waistcoat stitch, the stitch that creates the Knit look. Since then, I’ve found lots of different patterns using the waistcoat stitch. It’s a great technique, but can take a bit to catch onto….. but don’t give up! It will get easier as you go!

Be sure and watch Nicole’s video on Youtube on how to make this hat. (Free pattern)

Swirly Heart Hat using Waistcoat stitch, Valentine Hats you will love


Who can resist an adorable cap with hearts all around like the Love-ly Cap by Melody Rogers? I love the tassel on this! It’s so cute!

Though the two colors of yarn are only carried through on the rows with the hearts, the top of the hat is a little thick because of the stitch and decreases used. It’s possible that mine may have seemed a little thick because the worsted weight yarn I used was a slightly thicker yarn. But I love how it turned out!

The picture shown on Ravelry is in a child size.  I made an adult size as I was donating it to my adult cancer center. (Pattern $4.25 on Ravelry OR click on ‘Visit Website‘ for a free version.  (Requires email and a share)

Love-ly Cap, Valentine Hats you will love

Here’s a look at the inside of the hat showing the stitches being carried over through the heart section:

Love-ly Cap, Valentine Hats you will love

Four Crochet Hats for Valentines You Will Love! Most have Free Pattern Links -- Plus more links to more Valentine Hat ideas!


This adorable hat by Heidi Yates was fun to make! And because it uses chunky yarn, it worked up rather quickly. I chose to make my Love This Beanie hat in one solid color. (Pattern $4.99 on Ravelry)  You can make the hearts with contrasting yarn, which is really adorable, as you can see from the photos on Heidi’s blog.

Love This Beanie, Hearts, chunky yarn, Valentine Hats you'll love

There is a cowl pattern that comes with the hat pattern.  I didn’t make it since I don’t normally give cowls to my cancer center.  Be sure to scroll down on her blog and look how cute the cowl is! All those fun hearts around the edges! I may have to try it sometime!


This last hat is one I made myself after seeing a hat that I was inspired by. I didn’t create a pattern for this hat, but instead, just used a basic double crochet stitch hat pattern like this one.

Here is what I did to create the look… Make your double crochet stitch in the BACK LOOP ONLY. That is what creates the cute ridge around each row.  The last two rows were created by doing a single crochet stitch in alternating colors.  A crab stitch would look great around the bottom edge too.

Stripes and Hearts, Valentine Hats you'll love

I would highly recommend that you switch your yarn colors by using a seamless technique like Sarah London shows you at this link.  I didn’t use the seamless technique and I HATED the way the seam looked! I dropped the color at the beginning of the next row and would pick it back up again. I was being lazy. But I promise you…… if you want it to look professional……. do the seamless technique! I know it will take a little more time sewing in the ends, but you will be much happier with the final result!

Just to prove it to you how ugly it looks….. I will swallow my pride and show you how the back of my hat turned out. Not so pretty, right?   GO SEAMLESS!

Stripes and Hearts -- bad seaming example
I was kind of embarrassed to donate this one just because of this seam! I loved the basic hat…. just not the seaming! GO SEAMLESS!

Finally, I embellished the hat with a couple of hearts. A larger one and small one. I think this pattern from Happyberry is the one I used. You really can use any heart pattern you like. Or embellish with anything you like! Flowers would be really cute on this striped hat too.  How about making them so they clip on so you can change out your embellishment?  (Check out my post on The Most Versatile Summer Crochet Hat Ever! for some great ideas on embellishments.)

Here is another hat I made for child a few years ago.  The design is very similar with a fun colors and embellishment ideas.

Hearts and Stripes Forever, Valentine hat

In fact…. the pattern is from Love Stitch Love and is so darn cute you just may want to make it instead!  (Free pattern)  It is only sized for children, but I’m sure you could make it bigger if you have some experience in crochet.  It looks like as long as your final row of stripes ends in a multiple of 5, the band should work fine.

As you can see from the pattern on her site, she made the larger heart out of felt which I think is adorable!  I just opted to make mine in crochet instead.  Anything works!!  That’s why embellishing is fun!


Here Are Some Recommended Supplies:

Crochet Hooks — These Clover Ergonomic Hooks are my favorite!  They are comfortable to use and are great for hours of  crocheting reducing stress in Hands and Wrists
Yarns suggestions:
Caron One Pound — I used this nice yarn in Off White for two of my projects.  It’s nice to have a big skein of yarn to get    you through multiple projects!  It comes in lots of great colors, including Dark Pink which would well for the Love-ly Cap
Red Heart With Love — I love the softness of Red Heart with Love Yarn.  Available in plenty of colors
Red Heart Soft — another lovely soft yarn by Red Heart.  Some wonderful colors available
Bernat Softy Chunky — A lovely chunky yarn that would be perfect for the Love This Beanie hat

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You know, you really could take almost any hat pattern you love and turn it into a Valentine hat just by your choice of yarn color or by adding a heart applique!  It’s always fun to incorporate hearts somewhere in the pattern!

If you’re looking for more Valentine Hat ideas….. here are some links to some really cute hats! There are several on here that I would love to make! Let me know if you give any of these a try!


12 Free patterns for Valentine Hats, Heart Hats



2– SWEETHEART HAT — Bhooked Crochet

3– JAZLYN BABY HAT — Snappy Tots

4– EROS HEART BEANIE — Croyden Crochet

5– PINK HEARTS BEANIE — Si Nanay Madel

6– HEART TO HEART — Crochet It Creations


12 Free patterns for Valentine Hats, Heart Hats


  7– 8-BIT HEART SLOUCHY — Whistle and Ivy

  8– STRIPED HEART EARFLAP — Classy Crochet

  9– MY VALENTINE BEANIE — Amber Schaaf

10– PRETTY VALENTINE BABY BONNET  — Moose-Mouse Creations

11– LOVE ME TENDER SLOUCHY — The Lavender Chair

12– HEART SHOWERS BEANIE — Cute As A Button Crochet


OK Guys!  I just couldn’t resist!  I fell in love with #12, the Heart Showers Beanie by Cute As A Button Crochet, and just HAD to make one for my grand daughter before I finished this post!  It uses the waistcoat stitch like the Swirly Heart Hat does, so it will take you a little extra time, but it’s worth it!  Here’s how mine turned out:

Valentine Hat pattern, Heart Showers, free pattern

Valentine Hat pattern, Heart Showers, free pattern


What do you think?  Adorbes, huh!

The fun colored yarn on this project is Caron Simply Soft Stripes in Times Square.  Such a fun color combination!  Any nice soft worsted weight yarn in white works will for the body of the hat.

I ended up using a Size H-5mm Hook rather than a I-6mm Hook as the pattern called for.  Even with the smaller hook, the hat turned out a little large for my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter.

I was worried how the top of the hat would turn out if I made a smaller band since her directions did not include specific instructions for smaller sizes.  However, after making the hat, I realized that the stitches at the top are so random that having fewer base stitches in white (a smaller size) wouldn’t matter in the random placement of the colored stitches.  It may require a few adjustments as you go…. but It would turn out fine.  Making it smaller won’t affect the heart graphic at all, only the number of stitches to complete the round.

I may try again and make the band a good two inches smaller and adjust the top accordingly.  Even though it’s a little big on her, my grand daughter still loves the hat!!

So many hearts!  So many hats!  So many great Patterns to Follow!  There may be a Valentine Hat here that’s perfect for your Valentine!!  Enjoy and share your creations in the comments!



Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this article

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