Three Quick Easy Crochet Hats for Winter

September 30, 2017
Three Quick Easy Crochet Hats for Winter

I’m a big fan of hats that whip up quickly and look terrific to boot!  In this article I would like to share with you Three Quick Easy Crochet Hats for Winter patterns that come together quickly ….. and are adorable too!

Little Miss Pom Pom Hat

I absolutely adore this FREE Red Heart pattern!  When it was first released, I could hardly wait to give it a try!  I just happened to have some yarn around in pretty much the same colors as the pattern…… so I chose to use them, and I don’t regret it!Little Miss Pom Pom Hat -- FREE crochet pattern -- Red Heart pattern --

I love this style of hat!  I’m not sure if there is a proper name for it…. but it definitely gives a hoody effect/look.  It’s basically a slouchy hat with a brim on it that only goes about two thirds around the hat brim.

Give this one a whirl.  You can find the FREE pattern here at Red Heart.

Materials Used:

Red Heart Baby Hugs in Peachie and Dolphin and Frosting
Hook Sizes:
Pom Pom Maker


Three Quick Easy Crochet Hats for Winter

V–Stitch Winter Beanie

This pattern is so cute!  I was finishing this one up while I was at a ball park at one of my husbands ballgames.  When I was done, the ladies in the stands commented on how cute it was.  And they loved the color combination I used.


V-Stitch Winter Hat, Red Heart Baby Hugs Yarn, Free crochet hat pattern


The Free pattern for the V–Stitch Winter Beanie can be found at Over the Apple Tree.  I love how it looks and soft it feels with the Red Heart Baby Hugs Yarn.

There’s a link on Over The Apple Tree’s post for the flower pattern she used on hers which is the same one I used on mine.  If you want a direct link to the cute flower pattern on Ravelry, click here.

I love how the crab stitch finishes this one off.  Great look!

Materials I used:

Red Heart Baby Hugs Yarn in Peachie and Aloe
Hook Size:


Crochet Beanie from Rescued Paw Designs

This Crochet Beanie from Rescued Paw Designs is very gender neutral.  It’s great design that looks wonderful plain or dressed up with a button or flower or both!


Free Crochet Beanie pattern, Red Heart Baby Hugs Yarn,


The pattern is available in three sizes on the website. I love how soft it is using the Baby Hugs yarn.  Make one for everyone in the family!

Materials I used:

Red Heart Baby Hugs Yarn in Sprout
Hook Size:

I think these three hats were a hit when I dropped them off at the cancer center.  I know I was tempted to keep them for myself.  I always feel if it’s something I would wear, then the hat will most likely get snatched up quickly.

So there you have 3 great new Patterns to Follow!  Enjoy!



Check out another great Free Pattern in my Beautiful Autumn Wonderland Crochet Hat post!

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