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Hats a Glow Crochet Hat with Pom Pom

April 19, 2017
I adore this crochet hat! The bright colors just pop against the black! Great free pattern!

Have you ever had the chance to be under a black light wearing neon colors or even white? It’s a pretty funky experience!  Can you imagine how fun today’s featured hat would be under a blacklight?

Today’s free pattern is quick and easy to work up.  Red Heart Hats A Glow pattern calls for a bright yarn to accent with.  I took the opportunity to use up some of my favorite Red Heart Super Saver in Blacklight for the accent on this one.  I figured that was a good glowing yarn substitute for the Gloworm (discontinued) called for in the pattern.

I adore this crochet hat!  The bright colors just pop against the black!  Great free pattern!I truly love Blacklight yarn!  The colors are so fun!  (Check out my own FREE PATTERN for another fun way to use this yarn!)  Since I love it so much….. I did end up added some wider rows to the hat to make it more visible.

At Row 10-11 on that pattern, it calls to repeat row 6-7, which I did 2 times.  Meaning instead of 2 rows of the single crochet in the Blacklight yarn, I did 4 rows.  Then since I wanted it to look balanced, I added an extra row of black and then returned to the pattern as written for the last 2 set of stripes. (Please see adjustments below for a more clear explanation of this)

The extra rows, of course, make it a much taller hat than the pattern which really turns it into a slouchy hat.  I absolutely LOVED slouchy hats as a cancer patient!  I was never a fan of tight fitting hats when my head was bald!  They made me still feel bald!

The hat then screamed at me to add a Pom Pom which I think topped it off perfectly!  One more way to get some of this fun yarn into the look.


I adore this crochet hat!  The bright colors just pop against the black!  Great free pattern!
5 stripes in Blacklight and 5 stripes in Black


Here’s the pattern briefly written with my adjustments included.

(The adjustment rows are marked with Asterisk)

Do Hat Ribbing rows as written on pattern

Body of Hat:
Rows 1 as written (black)
Rows 2 and 3 as written (blacklight)
Row 4 as written, *Make row 5 HDC instead of DC (black)
*MY Rows 6-9 are SC  (Blacklight) This creates 4 rows of the Blacklight in SC instead of the standard 2
*MY Row 10 is DC, Row 11 is HDC (black)
(It truly wouldn’t matter if row 5 and 11 in my adjustments are DC.  The hat will end up a slouchy hat either way.)

At this point you will return to following the pattern as written going back to Rows 10-11 on the pattern.
Finish the pattern as written to the end.

Add a Pom Pom in Blacklight for a delightful touch!

Your finished hat should have 5 stripes in Blacklight (the middle row being 4 rows wide) and 5 stripes in Black

Items you will need for this project:

J-10/6mm Hook
Yarn Needle (These are my preferred choice)
Red Heart With Love in Black
Red Heart Super Saver in Blacklight
Pom Pom Maker (This is the one I use)


I hope you enjoy making this great pattern and love the adjustments I made to mine!  I’d love to see your version!  You can share it on my Facebook page.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope I’ve given you another Pattern To Follow!

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