Crochet Hat

The Most Versatile Summer Crochet Hat Ever!

June 13, 2017
Versatile Summer Crochet Hat with Popcorn Stitch Flower

I love this Versatile Summer Crochet Hat so much!  So many ways to dress it up….. or down! I made this hat for the first time in August of 2014 to donate to my Cancer Center.  Unfortunately the photo we took of me wearing it is a little blurry, but I think you can still […]

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Crochet Hat | Free Crochet Pattern

Hats a Glow Crochet Hat with Pom Pom

April 19, 2017
I adore this crochet hat! The bright colors just pop against the black! Great free pattern!

Have you ever had the chance to be under a black light wearing neon colors or even white? It’s a pretty funky experience!  Can you imagine how fun today’s featured hat would be under a blacklight? Today’s free pattern is quick and easy to work up.  Red Heart Hats A Glow pattern calls for a bright yarn […]

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Crochet Hat | Free Crochet Pattern

Planned Pooling Argyle Hat

February 25, 2017
This Planned Pooling technique looks like so much fun.... Wouldn't this hat look great on the ski slopes? Fun free crochet hat pattern

The first time I saw a planned pooled scarf on Pinterest, I went a little crazy!  “That is so cool,” I thought!  “I want to do that!  How hard is it?”  I started looking around on some of the sites that were posting Pins with color pooling.  I watched a few tutorials and and felt like […]

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Crochet | Crochet Hat

The Crochet Hat Pattern That Started It All

February 18, 2017
This Flapper Crochet Hat was my inspiration for crocheting Hats for other cancer patients. Something I still do today!

A diagnosis of cancer is never a fun thing.  Facing the idea of putting poison in your body doesn’t appeal to anyone.  I came close to opting to trying natural methods to fight my Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, but ultimately, after much pondering, prayer and research, I decided to go the traditional route of […]

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